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Tree Care Services

We take the utmost care of the quality of our service.


Tree Services

We offer professional and reliable tree surgery and maintenance services in Pomona, CA. From crown reduction and thinning, to tree felling and removal, our team of experts perform safe and effective arboricultural services for trees of all shapes and sizes.


Tree Removal

Rely on our certified arborists for tree removal and tree felling services. We provide you with a complete tree removal plan based on our years of technical expertise. Alex’s Tree Services, has the experience and equipment to provide tree removal services for any tree.


Tree Trimming

Trees need continuous care and maintenance to achieve a healthy life. We have extensive experience in analyzing trees and assessing which branches need pruning so the rest of the plant can thrive. Seasonal pruning is one of the most valuable things you.

tree trimming

Tree Pruning

This process has two objectives: hazard reduction and maintenance. Hazard reduction can remove branches that could compromise the structural integrity of the tree; maintenance can make your tree more aesthetically pleasing. 


Tree Topping

Topping a tree means to go in and cut its crown, sometimes halfway through at one time. This service has also been referred to as “topping” or “leaning” a tree. Tree topping is usually implemented when homeowners feel their tree has become.


Stump Grinding

Most trees that are felled need the stump removed to prevent the spread of disease, make way for new growth, or eliminate a tripping hazard. Whether you need to remove an entire tree or just a stump, we can help. We use stump grinders to remove .

Why We Love What We Do

We are currently a small but growing company that always makes sure the customer is 100% satisfied with the work done. From start to finish we are with you every step of the way going through the designs with you and the different types of materials to suit your home and style. We pride ourselves on having a professional look to match our work, so you will see us with lettered vehicles and fully lettered clothing.

At Alex’s Tree Services we are dedicated to providing the best tree maintenance service at an affordable price.


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